The families affected by the recent storms have lost everything. They don’t have basic necessities that we often take for granted like Toothbrushes, soap, and other things.  I know that many of you have expressed interest in sharing your stockpiles and purchasing these items to help them with rebuilding their lives.

When you’re doing your grocery shopping I’d like to encourage you to add a couple of those extra great deals to the cart to help with the efforts!

I have added a running list of coupons for these types of products so you can be sure to help the most amount of people possible.

You can find the list here under Tornado Relief Coupon Matchups.

This list is not all inclusive yet as I am still adding to it.  If you are looking for a coupon for something not in the list you can check my Coupon Database.

If you need to know where to take these items check here.