Rite Aid is a great place to shop for some of the best deals each week.  You can always get several free and super inexpensive items at Rite Aid.

5 things you need to know about couponing at Walgreens

  1. Do separate transactions to Maximize your savings with Register rewards.  Use your register rewards to help  pay for subsequent transactions. 
  2. Be sure to use your wellness+ Card.  All of the deals & sales require a card.  It’s totally free!
  3. Separate your transactions so you can roll your +Up Rewards.  This is the key to getting the most savings at Rite Aid. You should have Rewards left over each week so that you can use them the following week.  This will keep you from spending any or very little out of pocket each week when you shop.
  4. Rite Aid does NOT allow you to use 2 coupons on the Buy 1, Get 1 Free Deals
  5. Get to know the Rite Aid Coupon Policy. You might want to print a copy to keep with you when you shop.

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