It was only a couple of days ago that my family & I were huddled together in our basement as a terrible storm with a tornado came through. We have gone to the basement for tornado warnings several times since living here, but this was the first time that I truly thought we were about to be hit.  We had just watched this massive tornado make it’s way through Tuscaloosa, and this was the same storm around us.

I am praising the Lord that our family and our home were spared, but other’s in my area lost family members and homes.  I know so many want to help as I do.  So many communities across Alabama, Georgia, & Mississippi were affected.  There are many who have lost there homes, many who are missing loved ones…..and many others who have lost everything!  It is overwhelming to everyone involved.

But our state and communities are strong, and we will come back!  We must stick together and help our neighbors in need! There are many opportunities for others to help even if you don’t live in this area.

Here are a few things you can do:

1.  Pray

There is power in prayer, and so many who need it right now.  Just…Pray For Them!

2.  Donate Items

There is so much rebuilding to do, and so many who have lost everything!  There are items needed for clean up efforts as well as personal items needed for those misplaced.  There are so many places accepting donations that I can’t possibly mention them all.  Many churches and organizations are collecting items such as personal items and toiletries as well as items for clean up.  There is great need for items like socks, undies, batteries, work gloves, trash bags, diapers, personal hygeine products and much more.  I will mention some that I know of here.

  • In Birmingham you can leave donations at the Boutwell Auditorium which is also set up as a shelter.
  • If you are not in Alabama and would like to send items you can send them to a local church in my area who is accepting donations.  They are in my area and I can personally vouch for them.  These folks are on the ground helping and getting the supplies to people who need it in the Concord, Pleasant Grove area. You can be confident that your donations will go to those who are in need.  Following is their address:

North Highlands Baptist Church
ATTN: Tornado Victims
4851 15th Street Rd, Hueytown, AL 35023

2.  Donate Financially


3.  Hands on Help with Clean up and other stuff

  • Call 211 to find out where you are needed in your area.


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