If you have been reading my site here lately or on Facebook you have probably noticed alot of tornado talk. I apologize to my out of state readers, but this storm has affected me deeply.  I am preparing to go back to the regular deals, but honestly, I feel guilty going on with regular business while those in my sweet home Alabama are hurting, some living in shelters, still looking for loved ones, or have lost everything including loved ones.  I just want to get this off my heart before I move on.

I have shed many tears these last few days for my neighbors and friends. This has hit so close to home!  The familiar places I drive by weekly are gone, destroyed in a moment by the fury.  My dear husband has been gone from daylight to dark for the past 3 days after helping with cleanup, and he has shared with me some of the stories he has heard.  Some are heartbreaking and some are encouraging, but they all have a special person or a family behind them.

He came home yesterday evening sunburned and exhausted, but knowing that this is only the beginning.  Those of us who still have our homes and belongings should be thankful and give to those who need it.  Those of us who still have our families should hug them a little tighter.  Those of us who want to help should find a way.

The video I have linked to above is personal to me because it shows homes and business that I see every week. My husband took them last week while he was going in to work. The video only shows one of the many communities that are hurting right now. Please pray for them all.

There is much recovery and cleanup to come.  There will be many opportunities and need in the next several months to serve and donate.

I will go on with the regular deals and coupon information.  However…I will not allow myself to forget about those who need us!   Alabama is my home and she has been wounded deeply.  This storm was one of the largest natural disasters in this country, and we will never forget it.