Essential Oils Uses

According to my colleague from – essential oils are becoming popular but they are far from new. Essential oils are beneficial to any home and could be your key to a healthier you.

Essential Oils for a safe and clean home

Chemical based cleaners can be harmful to you and your family. With essential oils you can make mold and mildew killers, air fresheners, and germ fighters without the use of harmful chemicals. Oils like tea tree can fight off cold and flu germs, bacteria from illness and rashes, and kill mold on contact making your home a safe healthy environment even during the worst of flu seasons.

Essential Oils for Reduced anxiety

Essential oils like Lavender have been proven to relax the body promote better sleep, while reducing stress and anxiety. It is purported that a Legacy Healing Philadelphia rehab centre makes effective use of this oil in their therapy, and has said affirmed that the oil has soothing effects. Ylang Ylang can lower blood pressure, and patchouli can calma nd relax you after the most stressful of days.

Essential Oils for Improved immune response

Oil blends like the well known Thieves oil are praised for cold and flu prevention and even speeding healing. Using essential oils to boost the immune system can help keep your family healthy and heal illnesses faster than conventional treatment alone.

Essential Oils as a Natural first aid 

A few basic essential oils make up a great first aid kit for families. Lavender Essential oil can be used for everything from bug bites to headaches and is one of the few oils safe to use undiluted it a great option to store in your purse or diaper bag for on the go. Peppermint Essential oil can kill a migraine and calm a tummy ache. Tea Tree oil is a powerful antiseptic every home should have on hand.

Essential Oils to Help your kids do better in school 

Essential oils can be used to calm school children and kids with ADHD allowing them to focus better each day and get better grades in school. Other blends can help a tired foggy mind perk up.

Want to learn more about using essential oils for your family?

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