There are quite a few of varieties of onions you can grow this gardening season, and each one is sure to add some flavor to your favorite dishes. Growing onions can be quite simple and enjoyable, and give you plenty of product throughout the season. If you want to try growing onions this year, take a peek below at some tips to get you started. These 5 tips for growing onions can help you have a prosperous harvest that you are sure to enjoy.

5 Tips for Growing Onions

5 Tips for Growing Onions

Before you begin, purchase onions in seedlings or small plants for best results. This is simpler than growing from seed and your produce will come more quickly this way as well. Look for plants that have stems/foliage the size/width of a pencil. In terms of growth, it is often the same in how long time it takes to grow potatoes. They tend to be the healthiest and grow best.

1. Prepare your soil.
Onions love nutrient rich soil. Stir some fertilizer (a time released brand is best) into the soil before planting. Concentrate the fertilizer in the spot where your roots of your plant will rest. This way, the roots won’t have to work hard to soak up the nutrients and get growing. You can also mix a little compost into the soil for an extra boost.

2. Give them a raise.
Not a monetary raise, a soil raise! Onions do best when they are planted in raised beds or mounds. Build your soil into a mound before adding your seedling. It will give it the room it needs to grow and offers drainage it needs as well.

3. Give the neck some space.
You want to bury your onion plants about two inches deep. What you don’t want to do though is bury any of the neck of the plant under the soil. If the neck gets too wet, rot can develop and kill the plant.

4. Keep the soil moist.
You want to be sure you always keep the soil of your onions moist. Regular, daily watering is a great way to do this.

5. Keep the mulch light.
Onions love the sun, so keep a layer of mulch light. This way, the weeds are controlled but the plant can still flourish upward and get the heat it loves.

Try planting onions this season and enjoy them in your salads, marinades and more. Give these tips a try and you are sure to grow onions you can enjoy all season long.