Beans are fun and easy to grow, and can be used in a variety of side dishes, salads and more. This growing season, why not try growing a variety of beans for your snacking and cooking pleasure? Below, you will find 5 tips for growing beans that will help you grow a healthy and abundant supply of beans right in your own backyard. Take a look!


5 Tips for Growing Beans

5 Tips for Growing Beans

First, decide which type of beans you wish to grow. Wax beans, bush beans, and green beans are all great choices. Bush beans are nice and easy, since they don’t require any trellis support to grow. Look for plants that are bright green, free from yellowing, with strong roots. Once you have your seedlings, plant groups of them in waves. By planting a few every few days, you will have beans growing all season long.

1. Watch the temperature.
Keep an eye on the daily temperatures. Beans need warm soil to thrive, so be sure you have enjoyed at least a week of 60 degree or higher temps before planting. You also want to be sure the threat of frost has passed or your beans will be threatened.

2. Avoid poorly drained soil.
Beans don’t like to sit in wet soil. It causes them to rot and eventually die. Keep them properly watered but well drained by adding compost to your soil. It will help the soil drain properly while still making sure your plants get the moisture and nutrients they need.

3. Plant them close.
Beans don’t mind being planted close together. The added benefit is when they crowd close, the weeds underneath them will be smothered out. Plant close and find yourself weeding less.

4. Pick beans at the right time.
Pick beans every few days to make sure you grab them before they go bad. You don’t want the beans to get too big, as they are not as tender and flavorful. Plus, this pulls a great deal of resources from the plant. Remove medium sized beans every other day and enjoy a healthier, more prosperous plant.

5. Rotate your crop from year to year.
Next year, do it all over again but in a different spot of your garden. Beans do best when they are rotated and allowed to try out different areas.  Doing this will help your plants avoid disease and be healthy, which is just what you want.
Give planting beans a try! Follow these tips and you are sure to have healthy plants that you can enjoy picking from all season long.