5 Fun and Frugal Uses for Pool Noodles

You may have seen pool noodles at your local dollar store for just a buck, but if you don’t have a pool you may pass them right up. Well next time, you won’t want to! Take a look below at some fun and frugal uses for pool noodles. These uses are all great ways to get more bang for your buck out of your pool noodles and use them in some savvy and unexpected ways. Take a look!
5 Fun Uses for Pool Noodles

Fun and Frugal Uses for Pool Noodles

Noodle Caterpillar

1. Noodle Caterpillar
Slice a pool noodle into ½ inch slices. Apply some glue to the edges and layer them into the body of the caterpillar. We used one color, but you can use an assortment of colors if you wish for even more fun. Stick two small pipe cleaners into the final pool noodle and twist them around your finger to make an antennae. Presto! You now have a fun and whimsical pool noodle caterpillar.

Fence Guards

2. Fence Guards
Do your little ones love to climb over fences? If you have the metal chain link fences, that can mean scraped knees and cuts and bruises. Instead of risking injury, run a knife down one side of the pool noodle. You can then wrap the noodle right over the top of the fence. It will add some cushioning  as well as a grip for children to climb better and safer.

Bike Handle Grips

3. Bike Handle Grips
Little hands will be able to grip onto their bike handles better when you cut a length of pool noodle to match the length of the handle. You can do this with a knife. Run the knife down the side of the noodle to create a slit, then slide it directly over the handle. It will add some fun color to the bike (which kids love) as well as provide some gripping action!

Tool Grippers

4. Tool Grippers
Do your children want to help in the garden? It may be hard for them to handle the tools. To help, cut a 3 inch length of pool noodle and slice it down the side. Wrap the noodle around the handle of any tool you wish to grip better. Adults can use this trick as well for any tools that may hurt their hands.

Swing Savers

5. Swing Savers
Protect little fingers from the chain links and bars of the swing set when you give this trick a try. Cut a 3 inch length of pool noodle and slice it down the side. Slide it over the links and bars so children have something to grab onto and can keep their hands safe. Use a variety of colors to really add some fun.

So go grab some colorful (and cheap) pool noodles and give these tips a try. They are a great way to use these noodles and keep little ones safe and entertained at the same time! Plus for just $1, they are a great investment. Give them a try!