13 Tips for Getting the Best Deals on Electronics and webdevolpment on Black Friday
One of the most sought items on Black Friday is electronics. Whether you are veteran shopper of Black Friday or a newbie to the scene, here are some insider tips on saving on electronics on Black Friday:

13 Tips for Getting the Best Deals on Electronics on Black Friday


  1. Ÿ  Know what to expect. You will not find great deals on high end TV’s. If you are looking for a TV for a gift, expect to get a smaller and lower quality one. HDTVs typically do not go on sale for amazing deals
  2. Ÿ  Digital cameras and video recorders will be on massive sale on Black Friday, but since the newer models come out at the beginning of each year, it will be for the oldest ones in the store. If you don’t mind this, it is a great time to snag a deal.
  3. Ÿ  Compare ads. Since electronics are in high demand for Black Friday, you will see nearly identical items on sale. Make sure to price check before you head out. Also, know the store’s policy on matching prices and bring your ads.
  4. Ÿ  Unless you know of a particular electronic you are wanting at a particular store, don’t bother lining up in the cold outside waiting for the doors to open. It will not be worth it.
  5. Ÿ  When deciding who has the best deal, if the second best deal is a difference of 10-$20 and you can afford to spend it, do.  Everyone will be lined up at the cheapest store and even if you get there early, you may miss out on all the sales on a particular item. Going to the next cheapest is better assurance you will get a good deal in time.
  6. Ÿ  Don’t forget about Cyber Monday. There are great deals to be had on electronics on sites like Amazon, Best Buy and other big name electronics dealers.
  7. Ÿ  Just like all other shopping trips, don’t get too starry-eyed with deals that you forget to even check if the TV or Camera will meet the needs of the gifted or yourself if that is who you are buying it for. The electronics sold on Black Friday are the ones without all the bells and whistles, typically, so read the ad carefully.
  8. Ÿ  If you are hoping to score a new gaming system at a great deal, don’t count on it. With high demand and the new gaming systems coming out, retailers will not slash these prices. If you are just hoping to get one, pre-order while you still can. Many retailers are already sold out.
  9. Ÿ  For tablets, look at stores like Radio Shack and other major retailers. They often offer a gift card if you buy one on Black Friday.
  10. Ÿ  If all else fails and you don’t get a good deal on a TV for yourself, don’t forget when retailers mark down most of them in January or February in time for Super Bowl.
  11. Ÿ  Remember, retailers will keep only a limited stock in store on purpose of the best deals. And, they usually offer no rain checks. So if it is something you just have to get, arrive early.
  12. Ÿ  Make sure to look at the later deals in the day on Black Friday. Stores are now not only just doing door busters, but also offering lesser advertised sales on smaller electronics saved for later in the day after the 6 am rush.
  13. Ÿ  Be aware that many electronic stores put their ads online as well on Thanksgiving so get in the know beforehand. This will help you be ahead of the game.