12 Uses for Milk Jugs

12 uses for milk jugs


Instead of tossing more milk jugs that will never decompose into the landfills, how about finding ways to re purpose them. You can also save yourself some money in the process.


Giant Ice Pack– Fill with water and use in place of ice in a large cooler.  These can also be placed in a deep freezer that is not quite full, the emptier a freezer is the more energy it takes to keep it cold. Add as many jugs full of water as you need to keep it as full as possible, as you add food to fill lit up, remove the jugs.

Bank– Milk Jugs have a perfect size opening for change and come with a convenient handle, perfect for  carrying your change to the bank to turn in for cash.
Milk Jugs Reused

Scoop– Cut half off milk jug off on 3 sides, leaving handle  and lid intact. Use it to scoop dog food, soil, grain, feed, water, or sand. Remove the lid and it is a perfect scoop/drainer for bathtub toys.

Clothes pin holder – Cut off half the jug on the side opposite the handle and on either side of handle. Cut bottom 2” off handle so that you can slide it over your clothesline, poke a few holes in the bottom if you are leaving it outdoors to allow rain to drain out, fill with pins.

Seedling Starter- Cut off half of milk jug, poke a few holes in the bottom, and fill halfway with soil. The sides will protect the tender seedlings from wind outdoors.

Outdoor Game– Cut the bottom off about 3” down, use it to play a scoop game with a soft ball, rolled up socks or paper.

Weight– Fill with sand or water and use to hold down tarps, paper, or anything else that needs weight to keep it from blowing away.

Easter or Gift Basket– Cut off the top half of jug, decorate with markers, stickers, and paper. Fill it with goodies for a personalized and green gift.

Plant Feeder– Fill with water and mix up your favorite plant food, fish emulsion, manure tea, etc. Drill holes in the cap and use to to water and feed your plants. This is especially helpful for more delicate container plants.

Dry Good Storage– Clean and sanitize well. Fill with r ice, beans, pasta or any other similar dry goods. This is much easier to pour into measuring cups than from a bag or box.
12 Uses for Milk Jugs

Fishing Float– Tie a line, sinker, hook, and bait on milk cartons for fishing, as they don’t sink. You can set your line at various depths for maximum fishing success.

 Use the Caps- They are easily used for making games for the kids,like checkers, simply paint half and draw a homemade board onto paper or fabric. Flip them over and glue pieces of colored paper inside the cap- your child can play memory match with the colors. Have an older child? Write letters, numbers, or sight words on them for games as well.
What ideas do you have for reusing milk jugs if you are unable to recycle them?